Job Opportunities

Lion Diamonds® is the ultimate work environment that focuses on craftsmanship and sourcing artisan professionals. Here you will work with the finest materials to create objects of timeless elegance that will become cherished by their owners. Not only do you, as a Lion Diamonds® employee have the opportunity of using your artistic talents and creative vision, you are always assured of working in a safe, clean environment at our state of the art NYC manufacturing facility.

Below is a list of some of the jewelry manufacturing jobs you will find at Lion Diamonds.

  • Computer Aid Designer
  • Diamond Setter
  • Jeweler
  • CNC Operater
  • Laser Engraver
  • Model Maker
  • Polisher
  • Tool Makers

World-class craftsmanship is a hallmark of the Lion Diamonds® manufacturing organization. Every product we create is recognized as an artistic expression of quality, wrapped in beauty and elegance. We invite you to join us now in maintaining our legacy by emailing us your resume.

At Lion Diamonds®, we believe a diverse workforce makes a difference. Equal Opportunity Employer. © Lion Diamonds NYC, LLC. 2020