About Us

Lion Diamonds® is unique in that we're not only a manufacturer. We do it all. A project with Lion Diamonds® can go from initial concept straight through to production, and marketing all under one group. This greatly simplifies the process. Instead of dealing with multiple companies through the development of a product, we handle everything.

conceptual development and design → engineering → prototyping → casting → goldsmithing → diamond setting → polishing → painting → quality control → marketing.

All with one team, under one roof.

From start to finish: Lion Diamonds® has an extensive staff of renowned experts who are capable of taking your project from concept to a high caliber art piece. Our team of designers work with the latest CAD and design software and can develop & engineer a concept to its fullest potential. A prototype can then be produced quickly and accurately in-house. Have an idea that has already been flushed out because others couldn’t do it? This is where we succeed. Lion Diamonds® can design and produce tool paths for milling , or create 3D printed wax models that can be directly cast. Lion Diamonds® simplifies the production process by engineering and manufacturing your ideas with one team, under one roof for your convenience so you can focus on sales.





Lion Diamonds® can help bring your ideas from concept to reality. Using the latest computer software, our design team can quickly bring even your most basic sketches from concept to storefront. Our design team has the knowledge and tools to take even the simplest of sketches to production ready. We can even develop marketing materials.


Using industry leading CNC milling machines & 3D printers Lion Diamonds® can precisely produce intricate wax models that can be used directly in various casting methods. Having a file milled is as simple as emailing us your .3DM, OBJ or STL file. If you don't have a 3D file, our design team can build one.


With a full casting team in place we can cast your pieces with precision. We can take any design from the beginning stage as a wax model to a high caliber precious metal. Using centrifugal and investment casting methods we cast in a variety of metals.


Beyond developing the fine details of your product, Lion Diamonds® has the capacity, machinery, technology and experience to put your idea into full scale production. From precision laser engraving and soldering to 5-axis milling, Lion Diamonds® has just about every production process you could need.


Once the product has been cast Lion Diamonds® takes the raw piece and transforms it into a thing of beauty. From our experience working with world class designers, with simple to detailed designs, we are set up to produce the highest quality output through many processes including, cast cleaning, sand blasting and polishing.


It's rare to find a full paint shop. Lion Diamonds® works in collaboration with the best local painters in NYC and aboard. Our expert painters specialize in unique shading & gradients so your project has life like detailing. We consistently work with industry leaders in meeting the highest color and quality standards. We regularly use all standard industry paints, resins, epoxies and enamels.


From product photography to animations and time lapse videos. Lion Diamonds® has a remarkable photography department that boast a 102 megapixel camera and the industries best light shaping tools so you can create magnificent content and brand your business just like the leading national retailers do.