Ultra Precision Machining Sysytem

Our parts are born on a high precision milling system designed for manufacturing jewelry. It is a 5-Axis CNC machine, adding functionality that far exceeds traditional 3 and 4 axis mills. The 5-axis machine allows the work-piece to rotate in two simultaneous axes in A and B. The spindle can be moved along the three linear axes X, Y and Z simultaneously. Thus, the jewelry model can be processed completely on all sides, including the areas that were once considered inaccessible in older generation machines. This technology allows the user to completely eliminate the need to manually cut models. By converting a 3D model’s parameters into G-Code, the machine does all the work completely automatically, repeatedly rotating and moving the work-piece and spindle until the work-piece is complete. The 5th axis allows the user to cut even the most complex pieces from models produced in CAD/CAM software. Everything from undercuts to awkward angles can be produced while keeping a superior 3 micron surface finish.

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